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1 May

Your BIG FAT Greek Islands Holiday Guide

Who among us hasn’t heard about Greece and its jaw-dropping beauty? It is after all one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Travellers from around the globe flock to the Greek Islands in summer and for good reasons – the stunning ocean landscapes, distinct architecture and delicious food… and vacationing here is incredibly affordable!

For first timers, planning a perfect Greek Islands trip can be hard. After all, Greece has roughly 6,000 Islands and islets which are scattered far and wide across the eastern Mediterranean. A few are in the Ionian Sea which falls to the west of the mainland Greece, whereas most are in the Aegean Sea, which lies south and east of the mainland.

Deciding which islands to visit and how to plan your itinerary can be a challenge. But don’t worry: this article is your big fat guide to a perfect Greek Islands holiday.

Here are a few things to consider while planning the trip:

Getting Around the Greek Islands:

There is a huge variety of passenger boats that travel across the Aegean Sea, making it quick and easy to get to your Greek Island destination. However, you need to be very careful while gathering the ferry information. With multiple companies covering different routes and fluctuating timetables, it can be confusing for a first time Greek Islands visitor.

The largest and best ferry companies are Blue Star Ferries, ANEK Lines, Hellenic Seaways and Seajets. These inter-island ferry companies operate between popular Greek Island destinations including Mykonos, Ios, Santorini, Paros, Rhodes, Syros, Crete and Naxos. As these companies announce their schedules early, a good idea could be to look up your trip online and plan before you start your Greek Islands travel. This, of course, is only if you want to go it alone. The safest, easiest and likely most affordable route is to ask Carolyn to book it for you.

You can also travel between Greek Islands by getting your own sailing boat, yacht or motor boat. There are many local companies on each island that can help you charter or rent your own boat. they can also add a skipper if you don’t know how to operate a boat. Again, speak to Carolyn about the options that will best suit your requirements and your budget.

What to do once you’re there?

When you reach your Island destination, you’ll need high quality, modern and reliable transfer services. You could either hire a shuttle, minibus service or private car. If you’re on a tighter budget then you could also rent a moped. They’re cheaper than a car and a great way to explore the islands.

Accommodations – where to stay?

Greek islands have different kinds of accommodation to suit every taste and pocket. Ranging from rustic Dhomatia, to luxurious hotels with spectacular views, there are many options to choose from. But remember, there is a heavy tourist traffic in even the more remote out of the way Greek islands, so it is highly recommended that you ask Carolyn to book your accommodation well before your arrival to get the best deals.

Which Greek Islands to visit and why?

From beaches, history, cycling, food, festivals, water sports, historical attractions and much more, whatever you look for in a perfect island getaway, you will find it here.

The following are the top 5 Greek Islands you really should include in your trip:


Santorini is the part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands. Even if you’ve never visited the island before, you might feel familiar with the place. This island is famous for its dramatic views and stunning sunsets. The white washed houses carved into the cliffs and the sapphire waters make it one of the most visited islands in Greece.
This island has some of the best wine in Greece and many people visit Santorini especially to enjoy the wineries scattered around the island.


Syros is a marble paved, small sized island in the Cyclades. Syros has a vibrant culture and a strong passion for art. When you are there, don’t forget to visit their art galleries and museums. Enjoy a walk around picturesque streets of the traditional villages and explore its stunning beaches and remarkable caves.


Mykonos is Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island. It is elegant and exciting at the same time. With its peaceful atmosphere, windy streets and alleys and the white cube houses overlooking a beautiful harbour, Mykonos will certainly exceed your expectations.

While you are there, enjoy your time relaxing on the Ftelia Beach, Megali Ammos and Manto Mavrogenous Square. You may also want to check out Little Venice Quarter, it’s unbelievably beautiful.

If you visit this island be sure to explore the tiny archaeological gem of Delos which is just a short boat trip away. In ancient times, Delos was a sacred Island. According to mythology, it was the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis.

Avenue of the Lions, the house of Dionysus, Cleopatra’s house, Temple of Isis and archaeological Museum of Delos are some of the places you must see on your trip to Delos.


Symi is a tiny holiday island. It has one of the most scenic harbours in Greece. The pastel coloured houses, chic boutiques and bars offer a wonderful local experience to its visitors and the food here is delicious. You will love their stuffed cabbage leaves with fava, fish balls, goat cheese, and chickpeas with dill and much more.


Ios, though a rural island, is still quite famous for its party scene. The intense nightlife attracts the young crowd from all over the world. Even young celebrities come to Ios Island to enjoy its exclusive parties that start from mid-day and goes on till the next morning. So if you are someone who is looking for a place where you can go and have the time of your life with your friends, then Ios is the perfect place to visit.

Whether you visit the islands above, or some of the other myriad options … Kos, Patmos, Antiparos, Ithaca, Rhodes Island. and Skiathos … just get yourself to the incomparable Greek Islands. For a journey that will make an impression on you for all the right reasons. Contact Carolyn now to start your holiday conversation. Visit the Greek Isles – they’re waiting for you.

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