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wellness holidays-what makes you thrive
25 Jan

Wellness holidays, great destinations that are good for you!

These days we’re all well acquainted with how the day-to-day chase of our modern lives drives up our stress levels, causes us to pack on the pounds, depletes our energy levels and threatens our overall health and wellbeing. None of which is any good for us!

The good news is we can easily do something about it

For your next break from the rat race, instead of planning to simply head to some ubiquitous seaside resort to flop on a lounger for a week or two, why not take a ‘wellness’ vacation?
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Perhaps you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a holiday where you can keep up your daily routines or optimise your fitness with expert advice. Or maybe you want to learn a new sport or activity. Or it could be you’re simply feeling out of condition and want to kick-start a health regime with some top tips and concentrated activity.

Fitness holidays are increasing in popularity and for good reason – they work!

Holidays with life-changing benefits

While taking a break that focuses on fitness and health might at first sound like way too much work on top of all the stresses and strains you deal with day to day, the benefits will surprise you; in fact, they could even be life-changing.

A wellness holiday at a fitness and health spa is great for challenging yourself with new activities, such as workout sessions with personal trainers, coached beach runs, guided bike rides, and classes such as yoga, Pilates or Thai boxing. It’s fitness but it’s also fun and you get to reward yourself with relaxing massages and other pampering afterward.

A vacation with the accent on wellness can boost your circulation, strength and stamina, maximise your focus, increase your mental performance, help you re-charge and de-stress, optimise your sleep patterns, help you lose weight, and literally make you feel fantastic. Now isn’t that something to write home about?

Where will your wellness journey take you?

So irrespective of whether you’re looking to quit smoking, get fit, manage your stress levels or beat insomnia, why not make 2016 the year in which you herald in a new beginning as you embark on a life-changing wellness journey to inspiring destinations around the world?

To help you kick-start a healthy change in your life, your travel broker at the Luxury Holiday Company can put together the best wellness getaways or fitness breaks from a wide range of health retreats and beach spas, or in particular adventure destinations, to suit your unique situation and requirements.

The range and scope of wellness holidays, from meditation weekends to high-tech rejuvenation retreats, and everything in-between, are as wide and varied as your choice of destinations – and they offer you the opportunity to learn a new skill that will enhance your life long after your holiday tan has faded.

You could, for example …

  • Learn Thai boxing in Thailand: immerse yourself in the rich beauty of Thailand as you learn the ancient art of Muay Thai boxing and watch your fitness levels soar. Also known as the ‘art of eight limbs’ because it uses punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes (or eight points of contact), it’s simply brilliant for building strength. After all the action, unwind with a soothing Thai stretch massage.
  • Develop a personal fitness plan in Oman: take advantage of guided training in a choice of activities or build your own fitness plan by choosing from daily fitness regimes, including personal training, private bootcamp or private yoga – all while taking in views over the glittering blue sea of the Dibba Al-Baya.
  • Learn yoga and Pilates in Morocco: join in group classes or take up the option of sessions tailor-made to your specific needs. In-between discovering the lasting benefits of yoga or Pilates, take time to explore the ancient North African coastline around Agadir. What more could you need?
  • Boost your fitness in Italy: breathe in the crisp clean air of Merano in the Italian Alps, perfect for anyone wanting to kick-start a fitness programme. Taking in the views over magical surroundings while doing so makes this is a truly rewarding experience!
  • Learn to surf in Hawaii: escape the daily grind and learn to ride the waves of Hawaii’s famous beaches with expert surf school instructors to guide your progress. Learning something has never been so much fun, and you’ll get a great tan as a guaranteed bonus.
  • Test your athletic abilities in the Caribbean: soak up a healthy dose of sun and sea on the idyllic island of St Lucia while engaging in exclusive programmes of fun, personal fitness activities. Unwind every day with a soothing spa treatment.
  • Learn stand-up paddle boarding in Turkey: tone and hone your body while you learn the latest water-sport craze of stand-up paddle boarding upon the azure waters along the Turkish coast. Out of the sea, relax your body and calm your mind with guided meditation sessions.

So irrespective of whether you want to take care of your body, soothe your mind, or just indulge in some rest and relaxation, your luxury travel broker will be able to find the wellness break that’s perfect for you.

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