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5 Sep

Luxury Travel and Holidays – Go, see, do – your way!

Why do we travel on holiday? The simple answer is, because it’s good for us!

Go, see, do – your way!

When we’re on holiday, with a change of pace and scenery, we relieve ourselves from the humdrum realities of daily life. One of the best ways to relax, refresh and recharge is to take a trip somewhere. Anywhere!

Travel and Holidays

However, each one of us is unique, so why shouldn’t the same be true of our holidays? While there are as many ways to travel as there are places to visit, what is important is to make sure our trip is truly our own by crafting a journey around what interests us the most. To make this a reality in a world where travel has become more accessible than ever before, many people are choosing the luxury vacation option.

The word ‘luxury’ is a powerful and very personal one – conjuring up a whole range of images specific to the individual.

What do the words ‘luxury holiday’ mean to you?

Do you immediately think of flying off in a private jet; cruising in the owner’s suite of the newest ocean liner; or relaxing on a private Greek island? Or is it something simpler? A private tour of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum; getting to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange; or a toes-in-the-sand dining experience on a secluded beach at sunset?

Luxury holidays are holidays that feed our needs in their entirety – physical, intellectual and emotional. It’s about experiencing destinations in inspirational and unprecedented ways, and on our terms. As the travel writer Eugene Fodor put it, “You don’t have to be rich to travel well”. The secret lies in experiences tailored to our personal preferences, what we desire, how we like it, and where and when we want it.

Luxury travel is travel that is about you, it’s about doing something different, it’s about moments that are ‘wow’ to you, it’s worry-free and it enriches your life.

So when heading off on holiday, where then is the best place to go, best place to stay, best place to eat, and what are the best things to do? In almost every case, the answer is there is no single ‘best’ place to go or ‘best’ thing to do – but there is the best for you. And that is why a close relationship with an expert travel consultant who asks a lot of questions (the good ones will) and does a lot of listening to you (the good ones do) is all important.
Say you had a friend whose taste and judgment you trusted, and they told you to stay at a specific hotel in a particular destination they know well. You would probably listen to them, wouldn’t you?

Think of your expert travel consultant as such a friend.

What could be more luxurious, more inspiring, and a more refreshing way to relax and refresh than having a holiday experience created just for you?

To ensure your next holiday is a stress-free true escape, talk to The Luxury Holiday Company about crafting a customised travel experience for you.


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