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Luxury travel agent gets it right every time

Luxury Travel Agent

Travel is one of the best ways to spend your free time. In today’s era of DIY vacations, travellers have more travel-planning tools at their fingertips than ever before. Although the Internet has made it easier to arrange your own luxury travel, it has also created a ton of information overload.

If you’re looking for a stylish holiday destination, it’s tempting to Google away. Endless ideas will come up, some relevant, some less so. Then there are flights to consider, transfers, car hire, excursions – all requiring different confirmations and different people to deal with. Added to the hassle, is finding the right place to stay – you might be surprised to know there isn’t a true global standard even for luxury hotels. It takes time and experience to separate the wheat from the chaff.


So, you could spend hours researching hotels, cruises, tours, and flight schedules yourself – or you could turn to your luxury travel agent to help you cut through the clutter, and make sure you get it right first time, every time.

Meet Carolyn Hedley – The Luxury Travel Agent

When it comes to travel, nothing beats experience

Carolyn Hedley, Director of the Luxury Travel Company, has more than 20 years’ experience in luxury tailor-made holidays worldwide. She has firmly established her reputation as one of the country’s leaders in the luxury travel market, offering a bespoke and personal service, ensuring every step of your journey is planned perfectly and no detail is overlooked.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what one of Carolyn’s clients has to say:

“I have to travel frequently and don’t have time for disruptions to my travel plans. A missed connection or flight can have a very negative impact on the business I do and have serious ramifications for my company. I know that I can leave Carolyn in charge of my travel arrangements (even with little notice …) and she will find me the best options, travel times, and value and it will be done quickly, efficiently and in a very personalised manner. Carolyn provides the highest level of professionalism and personalised service that I have ever experienced. Carolyn now does our family holiday travel as well.”

Neil Palmer, CEO Elements HSC

Luxury travel is Carolyn’s passion. In an increasingly busy world, your luxury travel agent understands that holidays are one of life’s most precious commodities. Carolyn takes the time to understand exactly what you want from your trip. Then, drawing on her immense travel experience and wealth of contacts to organise those added extras that create truly unique and unforgettable memories, she ensures your next trip is everything you dreamed it to be.

You’re unique and so are your luxury travel needs

Your vacation is unique – and so is your luxury travel agent’s knowledge. Irrespective of whether you want to go truffle-hunting in Tuscany, stay in a palazzo on the Amalfi Coast, sample the wines of the Cape of Good Hope, relax at a destination spa, visit the theatre in New York, shop till you drop in London or cruise the Mediterranean in style, Carolyn Hedley excels at putting together an exceptional vacation filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences.

Family holidays are precious and, as a parent who has travelled with children, Carolyn understands such holidays have to be meticulously planned, with a balance of enrichment and fun for everyone, to ensure the perfect family adventure.

Your luxury travel agency has firsthand knowledge of properties, tour companies, cruise lines, and more. Often, the person Carolyn is working with to plan your trip is someone she’s known for years. That relationship pays a benefit back to you as a traveller, because, unless your travel has been put together by a luxury travel agent like Carolyn, you simply won’t get the depth of experience – the wisest guides, the closest wilderness encounters, the real people, places and events – that make the difference between a regular package tour and a sublime, once-in-a-lifetime luxury vacation.

Your luxury travel agent’s knowledge of a destination translates into quality control and insider experiences you couldn’t arrange on your own. As satisfied client Craig attests to when he says Carolyn Hedley:

“Everything you planned and organised for our holiday went like clockwork! The resort in Hawaii was excellent. I would recommend the resort and will definitely go back.”


Championing the lost art of listening

Your luxury travel agent is a real person, not an anonymous website or call centre. They see their role as taking the time to get to know you by listening intently to what you’re looking for in a holiday, then taking personal responsibility for ensuring your desires are fulfilled. They learn and understand your desires and personality, provide insider access, and are there for you 24/7 – for when plans change or something unexpected crops up!

“A friend recommended Carolyn so I thought I would give her a try. Never looked back! Carolyn has not only saved me time and hassle, but she has really added value to my travel arrangements. Always very satisfying to know that Carolyn is only a phone call or short email away for those last minute alterations.”


Carolyn Hedley’s philosophy – a philosophy on which she also founded the Luxury Holiday Company – is one of personal service, attention to detail and first-hand credibility.

As a luxury travel agent, Carolyn is available to her clients when and where they want to meet her – she can meet you in your home, at a cafe, at your office, anywhere and anytime convenient to you to discuss your travel plans. Another satisfied client, Evelyn McGowan, describes how this works:

“She explained that she is a travel broker and would be able to put together a tour for us. She did just that. In particular we appreciated that:

  • She came to our home, brought with her photos and information on the areas, and listened to our wish list;
  • She had excellent contacts in Southern Africa and the attention we received from her associates at &Beyond was above reproach;
  • Before we left home she gave us the confidence that all our requests had been met and that all travel, accommodation and tour bookings were in place.

We had a wonderful trip due in no small part to Carolyn. Wow, so exciting – thanks for making it so easy.”

Evelyn McGowan

In the world of luxury travel, the experience is not expensive – it’s priceless. Nothing can beat the experience, professionalism, integrity and knowledge of your luxury travel agent Carolyn Hedley.

Take the time and stress out of planning your next holiday, contact Carolyn today to discuss your options.