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Luxury Asia

Luxury African holidays: experience the diversity of Africa. Jungle, savannah and desert, see it all in style. Take in the wildlife and unspoilt beauty from a luxurious camp.

Africa has so much to offer for travellers who want all their senses to come alive. We have world class safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana and more through to exotic holidays in places like Mauritius and the Seychelles. And of course South Africa has plenty of treats and is a great favourite if you are after a diverse holiday.


Noted for its incredible contrasts of scenery encompassing lush jungle, parched savannah and endless desert, a visit to Africa used to be the ultimate holiday of a lifetime; today with increased flight options its becoming a destination many return to again and again and again.

You’ll find world-class museums and iconic monuments like the Sphinx and the Pyramids in Egypt and a kaleidoscope of colours in the bustling souks and ancient cities of Morocco. The shifting sands of the Sahara and the golden sands of Tunisia’s beaches are perennially impressive, as are the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls and adrenalin-laced adventure activities of Zambia, while Botswana’s and Namibia’s fabulous wildlife, unspoilt landscapes and luxurious camps offer the ultimate wilderness experience.

South African holidays are extremely popular amongst travellers to Africa as they offer a unique combination of raw natural beauty, cosmopolitan cities and lush vineyards and of course, unbelievable safari offerings.

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