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luxury adventure travel
1 Oct

Enjoy your Luxury Adventure Travel In Style

I’ve heard the phrase ‘luxury adventure travel’ on almost everyone’s lips these days – but it means many different things to different people.

‘Adventure’ is not simply about jumping out of planes, rafting down rapids, rappelling off sheer cliffs or trekking across deserts; rather, it’s about having an exciting and remarkable experience.

True, an adventure holiday may include grade-5 white water rafting and sky diving, or roughing it across a wild and desolate landscape, but it may also be as gentle as taking the family on an interesting walking holiday or cruising in style on board a luxury liner to see the sights of the frozen south. The important thing about an adventure holiday is that it takes you out of your comfort zone, to somewhere different and exciting, where you experience something new. And the really unusual thing about this type of holiday is that, despite the fact that you tend to do and see more than you might on an ordinary holiday, you always come back more refreshed and invigorated than if you’d done nothing for two weeks.


Visiting exotic locations and getting out of your comfort zone is refreshing – and you’ll certainly have better travel stories, better photos and a better viewpoint of the world. Once you understand what an adventure holiday is really all about, then you’ll also understand that this sort of holiday can be had anywhere – you don’t need to travel thousands of kilometers to far off lands to find the ‘adventure’; you can quite easily find it in the backyard, so to speak, of your own country.

Adventure is also not the prerogative of only those travellers who ‘rough it’, nor is it only to be found on ‘under $25 a day’.  Staying in a luxury camp does not sully the splendour of watching a breath-taking sunrise surrounded by wildlife in Africa; neither does the ability to retire to a warm, luxurious cabin on a state-of the-art cruise ship detract from majestic Antarctic landscapes; nor does waking up in the comfort of a five-star lodge spoil the enjoyment of the day’s trout fishing that lies ahead.

Whether you want to explore Inca ruins in South America, come face to face with penguins in Antarctica, discover the true splendour of India or marvel at the northern lights, there is something for the adventurous soul anywhere – the only limit to luxury adventure travel is the imagination!

Our mission at the Luxury Holiday Company is to help lift the limits on the imagination by listening to and understanding our clients’ needs so we can tailor-make luxury adventure holiday experiences for them. Give us a call and tell us what you are looking for and when, and then, through our love of destinations and the fine art of travel, backed up by meticulous planning, we will unlock the luxury adventure holiday of a lifetime for you.

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Luxury Adventure Travel

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