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For centuries, one of the great rites of passage for people the world over has been to take a trip through Europe – and no matter what the season, there’s still no destination hotter than Europe! Will you too embark on your ‘Grand Tour’ of this fascinating continent?

With its quaint villages and classical towns, all set against a backdrop of stunning and mesmerizing landscapes, Europe is a colorful patchwork quilt of nations that will blow your mind. From the remnants of ancient civilizations and enchanting rural scenes to dazzling cities and sophisticated cultures, every country is incredibly different from the next – and promises endless fascination for every visitor.

Europe is literally packed with places to visit and things to do – way more so than any other region of the world. The history, the scenery, the food, the wine, the museums, the beaches, the architecture, the atmosphere – it is impossible not to feel the magic of Europe.


Europe offers more than most other regions in the world. There is hardly anything that cannot be found in one of the megacities, like London, Paris, Rome or Berlin.

I have been using Carolyn for the past couple of years, and my wife and I just recently booked a trip to Europe that combined business with leisure. In the past I have tried to make my own bookings over the internet, however it is so time-consuming and easy to get caught out – a friend recommended Carolyn so I thought I would give her a try. Never looked back. The booking process has been a breeze and she has had some great suggestions, and I have valued her input. I am now a “convert” to using a reliable travel professional for booking trips and holidays, it just shows that trying to DIY a trip is really just a false economy. Carolyn has not only saved me time and hassle, but she has really added value to my travel arrangements”. Always very satisfying to know that Carolyn is only a phone call or short email away for those last minute alterations.


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